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Pre Memorial

Guess where I’m spending Thanksgiving?  Eugene, Oregon, where I intend to run as many of their world-renowned, urban running trails as possible.  Especially Pre’s Trail.  This is a tremendous bucket-list thing for a trail runner.  Oh, and I expect to visit family over the holidays who moved to Eugene a year ago.

Spencer Butte

Second on my list will be to run the Ridgeline Trail, ideally from the Spencer Butte Trailhead.  There’s a 1000 foot climb that I can run either over a .6 mile route or a 1.1 mile path.  This trail runs around half the city.


Then there’s beer.  Eugene is famous for its brewpubs.  Comment with suggestions.  Otherwise I’m looking at the Falling Sky Pourhouse and Ninkasi Brewing Company.


In case this isn’t enough, Animal House was filmed in Eugene.  I understand the Delta House has since been demolished, but I bet there’s a $5 tour to be had.  You might not be a fan, but this movie captures my memories of college.  I even own the Animal House edition of Trivial Pursuit, gifted to me by a buddy.

Karen’s sister will have her house decorated festive for Thanksgiving, a comfortable respite from the daily grind for watching multiple days of college football.  Brit and Ellie want to drive to see the coast.  My focus though will be on the soft bark trails of Eugene.  Can’t wait.