Rychie and SteveYou would think I might go the day without training to celebrate my 28th wedding anniversary with Karen.  That’s not how a runner thinks.  I managed as many miles during the week as possible, 72 miles, leaving only 8 more miles for Saturday.  Then I ran earlier in the morning than typical with my running buddies while Karen was out teaching her aerobics class.  My second 80 mile week is now complete.  I then carried on with the day’s scheduled events.  Lunch with Karen, a couple’s massage, and a movie – Mission Impossible.  That massage complimented my training nicely.  This photo captures Rychie and Steve as they descend the Betasso Link Trail.  We ran both loops for a 9 miler.  This was their first time running Betasso and they loved it.

Six weeks of my Boulder Marathon training plan are now behind me with 420 miles.  My running buddies asked me how much weight I’ve lost since starting.  Two pounds.  That hardly seems right does it?  Granted, I’m not trying to lose weight but I did expect it.  I’ve more than doubled my weekly mileage.  I can only assume I’m eating more calories.  I’m guessing it’s all the smoothies and fruit popsicles.  Real fruit contains real sugar and that’s been an addition to my diet since I started this plan.

Tomorrow begins my first 90 mile week.  I’m still planning to only run 90 miles for one week and then jump to 100 miles the following week.  Then start my taper two weeks early.  This modification to my plan has two benefits.  It reduces my chances of repetitive muscle injury or stress fracture.  Some people can train hard for years on end.  I know my body and I’m not one of those people.  Quite frankly I’m surprised that I don’t feel any strains yet.  Could be I’ve improved my running form well enough.  Or could be because I started out in fairly good shape.

The second benefit of ending my massive mileage plan in two weeks is I’ll have more weeks to work on my pace with the shorter runs.  The fatigue from these long runs has dramatically slowed my pace.  It takes me four to five miles to loosen up whereas I generally find my stride after two miles.  I’m running so slow right now I risk toppling over in strong winds.  I haven’t been timing myself but I can feel the pace.  Once I return to 8 milers I intend to drop my pace back down to under 8 minute miles.  I’m so close to completing this plan, I’m excited to see the results in September.