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the kickI’m back at it.  I kept my post-marathon distances short the last two weeks, but ripped off 12 miles Saturday.  I ran another 10 miles today in the crisp fall air and full Colorado sun.  Saw Susan running with her dog.  What a perfect weekend for running.  This photo is of my last steps in the Denver Marathon.

I have some ideas for racing over the next two months.  I signed Ellie and me up for the Longmont Turkey Trot next weekend.  A 10K for me and 2 miles for Ellie.  The weekend after that is a cross country race in Boulder.  That’s only a 6K, but on grass.  A couple of weeks later will be the Colder Bolder – a 5K on the CU campus.  It’s impossible to run fast in such cold weather, buried under heavy sweats, but that’s a pretty fun event.

It’s easy to stay indoors when the weather turns foul.  So far the temperatures are ideal for running.  I expect some bad days as winter nears though.  Having an event to train for should work as needed motivation on those cold, dark days ahead.  Typically, I begin to run in the early afternoons once daylight savings ends.  I’ll only run 3 or 4 miles since I have to return to work.  Which is fine, it’s good to have an off-season for recovery.  I can still run longer distances on weekends.  Although the plan is to snowshoe as much as possible, like last winter.