Eagle TrailI ran with my team for the first time since having surgery.  Not that I ran much further or faster than I’ve been running on my own, but there’s a confirmation of sorts when you discover you can maintain pace with others.  It felt good.  Ironically, both Steve and Jen are coming back from injuries too and like me had to keep their distance under four miles.  We ran 3.75 miles on the Eagle Trail.  Keith, the 52 year old birthday boy, kept running after we finished.

I can feel that I haven’t lost much fitness from my surgery.  I was concerned a bit because the affects of the anaesthesia impacted my lungs for a few weeks.  I need to give my body a couple more weeks of light duty before returning to my standard regimen.  Waiting is a bit tedious but I don’t feel any pressure to rush things.  I’ve accepted that I have to remain patient.  I cancelled the Boulder Half and committed to simply walk the Bolder Boulder.  I opted instead to volunteer as a road marshal for the Boulder Half.  And the Bolder Boulder is more of a festival really, a celebration of running.  Walking it with my wife and daughter will be satisfying enough.  Changing my goals by continuing to participate, although not racing, helps overcome the plodding pace of my recovery.

In fact, I don’t have another race scheduled until this fall.  The Boulder Marathon.  I’m comfortable that I’m starting from a strong enough base to be ready for that.  I don’t generally challenge myself with very aggressive goals for a marathon.  Finishing seems like a reasonable accomplishment for that distance.  Given my circumstances though, the shortened racing season, I might push myself.  Targeting a fast time might not be as smart for this course.  I could for the Denver Marathon – that’s a fast course.  I don’t know that I should consider two marathons this fall though.  My thoughts right now are to try maintaining pace with my buddy Chris.  He’s a sub 3:30 marathoner.  I want to see how far I can run at that pace.  That’s the goal.