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LagermanLast weekend I blogged about being tough in cold weather.  Seemed topical on a national level.  I didn’t let last weekend’s polar vortex deter me from getting in some miles.  But I’ve spent this past week with a well-earned cold.  Couldn’t even workout on my elliptical.  Not how one wants to train one month out from a marathon.  I wasn’t sure I’d be up for running today but made the commitment since the wind wasn’t howling yet.  Keith drove me out to Lagerman Reservoir.  Brit used to run here with her high school cross country team, but this is a first for me.  Awesome trailhead.

Oddly, there are no signs.  Not even at the entrance off Pike Road.  You just need to be looking for it.  Drive west on Clover Basin until it turns to dirt.  You’ll see the reservoir on your left.  There is a trail around the reservoir.  It might be about a mile around.  We just parked here and ran west on the dirt Boulder backroads.

Amazingly there was zero wind.  That is until we reached Niwot Road where the wind must have been 25 miles per hour.  We’d run five miles by then though so simply turned around for a ten miler.  The wind died out almost immediately.  I can’t say it’s always like this, but it makes me wonder if this isn’t some magical wind-free zone.  If you’re running out by the Boulder Res and don’t like the wind, consider driving north a few miles and run along the dirt roads on the east side of the Table Mountain Antenna Field.  The Boulder backroads out by Lagerman Res are like a port in the storm.  A good option for winter running.