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finisher photoStarted out today’s run at 9am, a bit earlier than my other vacation day jaunts.  Less IBM email to process the morning after Thanksgiving.  Mostly Europe and AP.  Only ran 6 yesterday because the recent surge in miles is straining my left knee.  I’m thinking 12 today to chase after that 10 mile per day average.

It’s a comfortable 45° and I pocket my cap and gloves shortly after 2 miles.  Before 3 miles I tug the long sleeves of my T-shirt up over my forearms.  I’m wearing the crimson red shirt from the Durango Ultra I ran with Rob in October’s high country fall foliage.  It occurs to me I absolutely love wearing long sleeved T-shirts.  They exude the essence of my Colorado runner’s lifestyle.

I think back to a girl I dated in college.  I picked her up wearing my Chilympiad long-sleeved 10K race jersey tucked into faded jeans without a belt.  I was dating her roommate but she was out of town for winter break and told me to take Carol out to dinner.  The first words out of Carol’s mouth when she opened the door were, “Oh, I love a guy wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt.”  Texas Co-ed classy.  I recall we had a fun dinner at Grins.  Carol would begin singing Beatle’s songs at random moments in any conversation.  I remember her goodnight kiss to my lips when I dropped her off back at her apartment.  A bit scandalous but I never told her roommate.  What co-ed could resist a trim NCAA athlete, with blonde Tom Petty bangs, wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt.  That night might have cemented my affection for these sporty shirts.

It’s not only the shirt pulling up long-forgotten memories.  It’s the perfection of this run.  The dichotomy of the warm Colorado sun cutting through the cool, late November air.  It’s my view headed west on Ogallala Road of the milky white, frosted mountain peaks of the Continental Divide.  From this trail, I could look down at heaven.  Less than 3 miles into my run and I’m already deep into the runner’s high.  My blissful condition holds for the next 11 miles.  Every other runner, biker, and dog-walker that I encounter smiles warmly at me.  No doubt in response to my face beaming broadly.

I complete 14 miles at an 8 minute pace.  I can’t imagine the day getting better.  Except the family is home for the holidays.  Music is in the air with Brit playing piano and singing with Ellie all week long.  Being a house of girls, they are currently watching the Hallmark channel with Karen in the family room.  I’m sitting in my office now watching college football.  Iowa is beating Nebraska.  I could almost squeal in delight.  How’s your day going?