Boulder Half Finish LineAm I the only one whose weekends are bigger than their week?  Some Sundays I can’t wait for Monday to roll around so I can recover.  We don’t have to be talking about running.  My weekend’s invariably are jam-packed with events or projects or something.  This weekend is about running though.  I only ran every other day during this week.  I’ll squeeze in twice as many miles in two days beginning tomorrow than I ran in the five preceding days.

I could only make time for a 3 mile run yesterday.  So I ran it fast in my minimalist flats.  Averaged a 7:14 mile, which quite frankly has me a bit concerned.  That is way fast for me but I don’t know if there’s enough time before the end of May to pare that down to 7:00 flat for a 10K.  I did run my 3rd mile in 6:58 but my first mile was in 7:30.  I’m not sure I can start out faster than that which means I’ll need to run much faster on subsequent miles.  And the second mile in the Bolder Boulder is uphill and can be quite challenging after running the first mile fast.  I might have to reset my expectations to a 7:10 minute mile pace.  Tomorrow’s Boulder Distance Classic 15K will provide more feedback on what I can expect for a 10K on Memorial Day.

I’m following up tomorrow’s 15K with a 15 miler on Sunday because I have a marathon planned a week after the Bolder Boulder.  I need distance training more than speed at this point in time.  Running that 10K fast would be nice, but I need to survive that marathon.  Priorities.  Speaking of which, this weekend isn’t even about me.  It’s Ellie’s birthday weekend.  Presumably I should be making some time for her.  I will.  Big party Saturday.  Meanwhile, my Garmin is attached to a power source charging for tomorrow.