fox in snowI haven’t seen a fox in awhile.  One was living in the neighborhood last winter.  But then I haven’t seen much snow either.  Apparently winter came and went while I was living in Texas this January.  I don’t mind the warmth, but I’d enjoy some snow.  Every chance of it seems to only leave behind a slight dusting.

I completely over dressed Saturday.  Fortunately I was layered and was able to pocket my gloves,  tie my shell around my waist and roll up my sleeves.  I ran into half my neighborhood Saturday on the LoBo Trail.  Keith and Jen were dressed the smartest – Jen had on a good looking skirt.  Susan and Eve looked toasty with their winter hats.  I dressed better today with shorts and a light long-sleeve tech shirt.  The wind picked up a bit near the end but it was around 60°.

Maybe I haven’t been running enough to know how to properly dress.  I’ve been going most of the work week without running, then I get in 3 or 4 days over the weekend.  Got in 10 miles Saturday and another 10 today.  Nice distance but I really need to try to get in shorter runs during the week.  A ten mile run leaves me fairly fatigued and I know I’d recover better if I were running more, even short runs, during the week.  Moab is fast approaching and I would like to be more than just fit enough to run a half marathon comfortably.  I’d like to take advantage of not having gained weight over the winter to run strong.

The trick will be getting Karen to cook so I have time to squeeze in a few miles before dinner.  She’s planning lasagna tomorrow.  And you know that will be good for a night of leftovers.  I slow cooked a lamb stew today and there will be some leftovers from that too.  This might be the week to increase my running.  No cold fronts coming through that I know of so no excuses.