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colder bolder 1This coming Friday marks the advent of the Mayan Apocalypse.  I don’t personally believe in any end-of-the-world scenarios, but it will in fact be the start of winter.  That’s dramatic enough for me.  The Colorado Front Range doesn’t experience the extreme cold common in the Midwest (I was born in Iowa) but it does get a few cold waves.  So I intend to winter in Austin.  Boarding a plane Friday, and assuming no massive tectonic plate shift happens below, I’ll land 1000 miles south.  I’ll ride out the apocalypse there for the next 4 weeks.  This means I’ll be able to continue my running in relative warmth.  I should mention that as I write this it’s currently 10° outside.

I find it ironic this week, with the pending doomsday, that I’ve read more Facebook posts defending 2nd Amendment rights than discussing the horror of Sandy Hook.  I’ve entered some of the discussions – fortunately civil debates.  So tired of some of the recent election passion.  Of course the odds are more likely I’ll die driving in a blizzard than any other scenario.  I nearly did wreck my car on I70 driving in a blizzard through Kansas last Christmas.  Relieved to be flying this year.  Karen found tickets on Southwest for $250 round trip.  Can’t beat that.  Although, actually I did.  I decided to delay my return to late January and saved another $65.  Of course, SWA has no change fees.  This is why we love Southwest.

Because I won’t be in Austin during February with this change of plans, I won’t be running the Austin Marathon.  I’m not too disappointed because I hadn’t yet registered and was considering signing up for the half again knowing I won’t be in shape enough in the winter to run a strong full marathon.  Tried that in 2011 and didn’t fair so well.  Maybe I’ll find a cool run in Central Texas while I’m there.