The Boulder Marathon is just a 26.2 mile beer run.  Not only do they serve free beer afterward, they give you this beer pint glass along with the swag bag they gift you with your race packet.  Nice.  This adds to my collection of two other pint glasses from having run their spring half marathons the last two years.

If I understand correctly, you should be able to follow my pace at this site to get real time results at the half marathon point and 20 mile mark.  I really like how the Denver and Austin Marathons allow you to sign up for a messaging service that will text splits to your friends, but then that cost $5 and this is free.  The run kicks off at 7am Sunday so I expect to hit the half way point sometime around 8:45am and to cross the 20 mile mark sometime between 9:45am and Monday.

My daily run on the LoBo Trail takes me nearby this race course.  The trees are gorgeous with their fall colors.  Should make for some really good photos.  I’m a bit concerned in that I intend to wear knee-high compression socks and they might make me look like a school girl.  I’ll just have to crop out my legs from the pictures before posting them online.  I picked up a pair using the $10 coupon from my swag bag and wore them yesterday.  They really did make my legs feel better.  This was my first decent run since catching a cold.  My hope is that the compression socks will help keep my calves from cramping.  I’ll followup in my post run blog on how they work out.