These big runs are catching up to me.  Tried running 13 miles Saturday morning but I wasn’t nearly recovered from Friday afternoon’s 8 miler.  I crawled up the final hills on that puppy.  And my knees are feeling a little sore.  No doubt from the steep 7 mile downhill segment of the Imogene Pass Run.  With two marathons coming up, I need to work on my recovery tactics.

I must be doing some things right considering I’m not injured.  My left knee is starting to feel a little weak but I wouldn’t call it injured.  The 90 minute massage after the IPR in Telluride was brilliant.  And I began the week with a shorter run before returning to 8 miles – I’m certain I haven’t tweaked anything.  But I’m slowing down big time.  Even my arms feel heavy.

I wonder if I should start looking into supplements.  I actually have something in the kitchen that I used two years ago for a short spell.  I sort of recall it helping.  It’s a protein mix that is designed to be consumed after a workout.  That’s the spiel on most of those protein drinks – apparently muscles absorb the elixir best within an hour of working out.  Or something like that.  I’d like to hear from a qualified nutritionist on those claims.  Another thought is steroids.  I talked to a buddy recently who is taking testosterone replacement therapy.  I’m not sure on the details of the shots but they help your body produce more of your natural testosterone.  Or maybe the shots are testosterone.  I don’t know if I have all the symptoms – but man I’m feeling beat.  Exercise is supposed to give you more energy.  My father-in-law is a retired endocrinologist.  He’s visiting next weekend and I’m gonna ask him his thoughts on the testosterone treatments.  I need a boost.