Imogene Pass

This pic of Imogene Pass gives me chills.  It’s the backside of the run next weekend (Sept 8th) that drops 7 miles down into Telluride.  If it looks steep, trust me, that’s because it is.  I remember my feet starting to burn as soon as the descent began as part of my 2010 exploit over this hump.   The fire didn’t recede until my shoes were charred cinders and feet molten flesh.  At least I didn’t fall down.  Those runners that did fall looked worse for wear.  But this time I plan to stop and retie my laces – tight – before the tumble into Telluride.

Interestingly, at least to me, this will be the first time I’ve ever driven into Telluride.  In 2010, I ran into town.  I spent the night – two nights actually – before in Ouray.  I did spend the night of the run in Telluride recovering.  This time I intend to stay the entire time in Telluride.  Ouray isn’t known for their fine dining.  Hoping for a better selection of eateries in on this side of the pass.  I have a similar experience with Durango.  I’ve yet to drive into that town too.  Last summer I hiked into that mountain town off the Colorado Trail.  Durango by the way has great eateries.

I’m not planning to run any faster than the last time.  I’m in similar shape, a few pounds heavier, but this is one of those events you just want to finish.  I’ll run how I feel.  I would like to run a faster time down this hill.  It took me over an hour to complete the final 7 miles with my first attempt.  I’d be pleased if I could run it under an hour.  I’m willing to give up some time running uphill for a quicker dash downhill.  But I’ll take whatever the mountain gives me.  At over 13,000 feet, this is a real hill.