We ended up in a mountain bar – the Millsite Inn – after last weekend’s hike, because climbing 13,000 foot mountain peaks makes me thirsty.  And nothing says mountain bar more than a painting of a naked lady on the beach.  This picture dominates the interior of the bar, contributing greatly to its cozy ambiance.

I didn’t run that Saturday but it was still an 8 mile day.  I felt really good about hiking uphill at altitude for 4 miles and reaching 13.2K feet.  Imogene Pass sits at 13.1K.  This hike climbed 3000 feet in 4 miles.  The IPR will climb 5000 feet in 10 miles – which is like 2500 feet per 5 miles.  That sort of simple math suggests the IPR will be marginally less steep than the hike.  So I didn’t need a run Saturday.  That hike was awesome prep.

I forget exactly when I started training for Imogene.  It was about 3 blog posts ago.  I think I’m starting my 3rd week.  Week 2 was a bit of a bummer because I picked up a stomach bug and missed 2 days.  But I picked up where I left off with my daily 8 milers and I’m feeling strong.  My weight is consistently under 180 pounds now.  Today I weighed in at 178.  I was under 175 two years ago when I ran the IPR for the first time but I seem to be losing a pound per week so I’m within striking distance of 175 this year.  I’ll take that.  I won’t carry water in my camelbak, that will save a few pounds.  The beauty of running organized events is they provide amenities at regular aid stations.

I can’t explain getting sick last week.  First time in nearly 3 years.  Maybe running so much has my resistance down, but I haven’t felt this strong in a long time.  I remember being a little scared before running the IPR my first time.  I hadn’t been at that level of fitness in decades and this 17 miler was an unknown.  Even though I might be a bit heavier than two years ago, I’m much more confident.  With 3 weeks to go, I’m on track.  I’m going camping this coming weekend and plan to fit in another peak climb or two.