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Yet another digital photo of me running the Bolder Boulder.  I intend to keep posting these until I have new pictures from some other event.  I can’t always publish pics from iStockPhoto.com, those cost $3 to $5 a pop.  Considering I blog about once per week, we’re talking potentially over $200 per year and quite frankly – you’re not worth that much to me.

If I sound bitter, it’s because I’m irritated I haven’t been running much lately.  Posting weekly pics of myself running at least presents the image of a hardened, disciplined, dedicated athlete.  That hasn’t been me since my foot injury.  I like to blame the 12 hour work days but I could make time.  Truth is I’ve lost my discipline.  I got in a couple of 3 milers this week.  I did a couple of 10 mile trail runs with my neighbors two weekends in a row.  Those have been my longest slogs since the 25 mile CPTR.  I picture myself as a regular runner but reality over the past month or two suggests otherwise.  If I don’t get back on track I’ll have to change up the theme of this blog.  Maybe I could start to blog about my neighbors’ accomplishments?

Amy is sweeping up in her age division at all the local triathlons.  Even her grade school age kids are placing.  Keith ran a 10K PR recently, beating his age which is impressive for his dotage.  Jabe has targeted some bad-ass road bike event up around Vail.  It occurs to me there are more runners in my neighborhood now who can beat me in a 10K – probably half marathon too – than ever could on either my high school or college track and cross country teams.  And for as much as I tend to embellish in my blogs, I don’t think I’m over amplifying this.

I need to wake up.  Shake it off.  Climb back up into the saddle.  100 degree weather be damned, this weekend I’m getting outside to log some miles.  Stay tuned for a summary blog post on Sunday.