Not good air quality this week for running due to smoke from the High Park Fire.  But I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain.  We could have fires all summer.  This one fire alone will likely be in the air for weeks.  I did feel some allergies in my eyes from it but I took some Claritin and feel better.  I won’t run on days the smoke is super thick but depending on the breeze I’m not going to wait for perfect conditions.  This pic is me finishing the Bolder Boulder.  That was a tough final .2 miles.

I recall last summer when my plans to hike segment 5 of the Colorado Trail from the Long Gulch Trail Head to Kenosha Pass was nearly delayed by fire.  Fortunately that week had a couple days in a row of rain and snow to squelch the flames.  There were still fire fighters on the trail but it was open for hiking.  The trail was the actual fire break in places and the burn persisted in the air.  It’s sad a lady has perished in this current fire.  Hopefully some cool weather will blow in soon and drop some moisture.