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Man, I woke up hungry this morning.  Ever since completing the Colorado Trail, I’ve been eating non-stop.  Although to let you know if you read my DQ Buster Bar confession on Facebook the other day, I did not eat all 2760 calories in that box.  Ellie and her girl friends discovered them in the freezer before I could finish them off.

My typical bagel just wasn’t going to cut it this morning.  Ellie had a sleep-over last night so Karen and I had a date night and went to Tortugas – my favorite restaurant in town.  We came home to an empty house, Jack notwithstanding, and I played a genius playlist triggered with Nora Jones.  It was a big night and so I woke up hungrier than usual.  I thought about walking over to the Two Dog Diner.  Paul invented breakfast.  But part of the satisfaction in food for me comes from making it myself.

I gathered my ingredients.  Four eggs.  Bacon.  Toast.  Mrs. Renfro’s Green Chili – yum.  But where’s the cheese?  I really felt like cheese.  All I could find was Velveeta.  Well why not?  After the hamburger, I would say Velveeta and microwaveable popcorn are America’s greatest contributions to world gastronomy.

I cooked the four slices of bacon first.  When they were done I poured the grease onto Jack’s dog food.  If I’m hungry, he must be too.  Then I broke the four eggs into the same pan as the bacon.  I couldn’t find a spatula so I used a wooden spoon and scrambled them.  Salt, pepper, green chili and last to go into the pan a little Velveeta.  I buttered the toast and topped off my coffee.  I’d already finished the paper so there were no distractions between me and my food.  Damn that was a satisfying breakfast.