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…on four miles per day.   Assuming it’s even possible.  I’ll find out this Sunday when I run the Austin Marathon. The first step to establishing this training regimen is to let work take priority over your personal life.  I know that sounds counter-intuitive to most serious runners.  But it’s key to not having the time to properly prepare for 26.2 miles.  Next step is to gain 10 pounds.  Don’t forget to gain weight as you near your event. Imagine the horror of reaching mile 18 and some volunteer hands you a half gram packet of honey.  Fat runners never hit the wall.  At least not on America’s Biggest Loser.

Maybe that was too many sentences of sarcasm in a row.  But it’s more than warranted.  You tell me.  Who else do you know that’s gained 10 pounds training for a marathon?  I’m still glad I scheduled this February junket to Austin for a 26 mile ramble up and down Congress Avenue; I was out there running in some pretty unfair winter weather.  Gaining 10 pounds isn’t as bad as gaining 15.  But I’m disappointed knowing I won’t be completing my second marathon in less than 6 months in more impressive fashion.  I really can’t predict just how I’ll run because I don’t have enough races under my belt to have a strong sense of my pace.  I do feel a little bit more experienced.  My feeling is that I’ll finish right around 4 hours.  More likely over than under.  My time isn’t as important to me though as being able to run the course comfortably.  Failure would be having to walk.  I might not admit to walking but if I finish closer to 5 hours – you’ll figure it out.

I won’t admit to wimping out over the last four months.  My excuse is work.  It got the better of me.  Even now, I’m writing this blog in a Detroit hotel room.  I had to fly out here Wednesday and will return Friday.  I haven’t run since Tuesday and won’t again until the big day Sunday.  I’ll have a 12 hour turn-around in my own bed Friday night/Saturday morning, and then get back on a plane to Austin.  Pretty poor prep for a marathon, but we’ll see how it goes.  I’ve never considered canceling.  I’m confident I can run it slowly.  I feel sorry for one of my RRHS cross country buddies who was going to run the half marathon.  Nancy Wilson Basey got sick this week – fever, coughing, the works.  She has to be disappointed and I can empathize.  It helps me appreciate that at least I can still run, albeit slower than I had hoped.

I suspect this will be my last post before the race.  Thanks to everyone whose been lending me support.  Especially my understanding wife, Karen, and my brother, Steve who is picking up my race packet as well as me from the airport.  Next blog post will be Sunday night.