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I had some nice runs this weekend.  Week one after the IPR, I only ran my 4.5 mile loop each day to recover.  Did some 8 mile runs over the weekend and I expected to increase my mileage this week, but work was too busy and I only squeezed one 8 miler in during the work week.  Yesterday, Saturday, was sort of busy too and I didn’t make it out to a trail, but ran 8 miles in town.  It was probably good for my knees to keep off hills.  I ran in the late morning but despite the clear sky it wasn’t overly hot.  The air felt cool blowing against my sweat-soaked skin.  The amazing thing about this run was that after all the months of consistently running everyday.  Methodically increasing my distance.  Adding hills and trails at an increasing rate each week.  I finally felt some speed.  Don’t get me wrong. Losing 15 pounds this year was nice.  Having muscle tone return to my thighs and hamstrings was very satisfying.  I’ve even come close to my goal of a flat stomach.  I’ve started to accept that may never happen, but it won’t matter much if I can run fast.

After 3 miles into Saturday’s run, Ashlee Simpson began singing La La from my playlist, and my legs fell into a stride of their own design.  It was noticeable.  It was that feeling where your body’s forward motion is the norm and to slow down would take more energy than to simply let it go.  I haven’t felt this in two decades.  It’s extremely promising.  They say muscles have memory, well mine remember running fast.  If you’re a runner or athlete, and you ever reached peak competitive conditioning, then you know the thrill of letting go of conscious control while your body performs balls out.  It’s nearly an out of body experience.  Damn, I like it.

Today’s run felt nice too.  I hit the East Boulder Trail around noon and completed 10 miles.  It’s a challenging trail with serious hills the first 3 miles, and of course the last three miles as you return.  Even when I feel strong on the way out, I’m typically debating walking on the return.  I didn’t over stride today but I felt strong the entire course.  Very happy with myself.  Targeting the Denver Marathon in a few weeks.