BB at 5 milesSummer has started.  I already got in a weekend running trip to Steamboat Springs.  Next up is a full week in Pagosa Springs at the end of the month.  I don’t have any formal events planned but do intend to explore their running trails.  This town actually plays up their abundance of trails and maintains this web site of information on them.  They even have a page on Facebook.  I recall struggling so hard to find the trails in Carlsbad on my last visit there.  This has me excited.  I’m already getting advice from the FB site on where to run.  Some of my running buddies will be joining me.  This is going to be a running camp.

This pic is at the 5 mile point in the Bolder Boulder.  Pretty tight pack rounding the corner.  Felt like a race in how I hung with the same group of runners throughout the course.  My knee is a little sore from pounding the pavement in last weekend’s marathon.  Seems to hurt after longer runs.  I ran 8 Thursday and 10 today.  I’m not in any training rush though so I’ll take it easy the next two weeks to ensure I’m healthy.  I want to be fresh for Pagosa Springs.