I’m not usually a pessimist, but until you’re dead, things can always get worse.  And things did get worse this weekend.  You might think I’m referencing the Covid-19 spike here in Texas, but no, that was true last week.  This weekend, the Saharan sands blew in from North Africa.

You can actually see the massive plume of sand extending westward from North Africa toward the Gulf of Mexico in this photo below, as it sails in the Sahara air layer at an altitude of twenty thousand feet.


Incidentally, mask wearing was much more prevalent this weekend on my running trail. Few runners, but many walkers and bikers.  I can’t say if it was due to the Covid-19 spike, or the dirty air.  Guessing the latter.

The dirty air wasn’t good for running.  I struggled Friday and Saturday.  I had one of my best runs in a long time today though, despite the dust.  A storm front was blowing in and the strong breeze and heavy clouds helped keep my body temperature down.  It felt really good running the fast pace.

I could have run farther today, which would have also been nice, but I limited my exposure to the dust by keeping my run under six miles.  If it’s not the heat, it’s the air quality.  These masks and bandanas are proving handy.