Texas has been in the nineties all week.  The forecast calls for 104° tomorrow.  These are hot days.  Given everything else, I don’t expect the weather to do anyone any favors this summer.  It’s been forcing short runs for me during the week – three to four miles.  I try for eight-mile runs on the weekends, but five miles was all I could endure this weekend.


I start off fully dressed with best intentions.  Halfway, I’m stripped down, baring my bloated, butt-white belly to feel the breeze on more skin.  Completing a run in this heat is like playing a game of strip poker.  My hair isn’t much better than my stomach.  I’ve been cutting it myself all year.  With Texas open for business now though, I’ve scheduled a tapered drop fade for Wednesday night.  Maybe I can at least look good above the neck.