You might not know that Blue River is a town.  It’s more like just the rural space south of Breckenridge, Colorado.  The 65 mile long Blue River running through it collects itself from Quandry Peak and the slopes of the Ten Mile Range, then flows north toward Frisco, through the Dillion Reservoir, and finally empties into the Colorado River in Kremmling.  Our friends Scott & Julie let us stay in their Blue River cabin for the weekend, something Ellie wanted to do for her birthday.


Ellie brought some friends up with her to celebrate.  Brit came up as well and they all stayed up late playing games.  I woke up early the next morning to a half foot of fresh snow.  I made coffee and read Comey’s “Higher Loyalty”.  Despite my running blog where I try to present myself as athletic and adventurous, I’m a sucker for passive activities as well.  Reading a novel in a big leather chair with snow falling outside the window is as good as it gets for me.

It occurs to me the last book I read was in the political genre.  I guess I’ve started others but lost momentum and haven’t finished them.  I won’t comment on the political aspects of Comey’s book, it’s just a good read.  My interest was in Comey’s writing.  I was fascinated after reading his memos by his writing style.  I take notes all day long at work, sometimes on paper but mostly using Evernote.  My writing style when note taking doesn’t deviate much today from 30 years ago when I used to furiously copy down details in college while capturing information from a lecturing professor.

Comey writes memos with the flair of a fiction writer.  I know, that might be telling.  Seriously though, he adds adjectives and describes obscure observations on the mood of a room for simple record keeping.  It makes for great reading so I knew his book would be good.  It is.  He had a storied career and there is so much more than what he writes on the Trump saga, from telling mobster stories to prosecuting Martha Stewart.

willow trail 2

Karen wouldn’t let me stay inside all day.  We went snowshoeing on the Willow Trail at the Nordic Center.  It snowed most of the day but wasn’t cold.  Snowshoeing is my favorite couples sport to do with Karen.  So peaceful in the trees.

willow trail 3

This trip was for Ellie but I enjoyed myself too this weekend.  I needed a break from working every weekend.  I probably enjoyed reading inside the comfy cabin the most, but there was good social time, and of course the snowshoeing.