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I’ve held my pen for some time now.  I promised myself after my last political commentary in May of 2015 that I would wait until the Primaries kicked off.  There’s not much point really in me writing a political blog.  By this point, voters’ opinions are set in emotional concrete, hardened by a lifetime of experience, cured by media, and possibly even genetically formed at birth by DNA.  There’s no chance that anything I write will influence anyone from thinking differently than their already steadfast, personal belief systems.  But let me remind you that this blog isn’t about you.  It’s about me.  Writing is cathartic and I’m in a little need of self-help after Super Tuesday.

I never thought Trump would get this far.  What, me worry?  Now I am of the belief that this campaign season is a done deal with Hilary and Trump virtually unstoppable.  Put a fork in it, we’re done.  I’m extremely disappointed in our current state-of-affairs.  I wrote off Hilary as unelectable back in March of 2015, the day I read news of her home email server.  I sincerely expected a deep GOP field to offer me multiple choices of electable candidates.  I never voted for George W., yet I intended to vote for Jeb.  I trusted him to address immigration with a plan I would find most palatable, and immigration is one of the issues I care about.  Plus, Jeb is such a big teddy bear.  What happened?

I believe Hilary will be nominated and win the general election.  Although, I even think Bernie would beat Trump or Cruz in the general election.  I find this ironic that the most establishment candidate of either party will become our next President after the most unconventional, Mad Max campaign in my lifetime.  I can live with her.  It’ll be somewhat boring after all the excitement, but I’ll be able to sleep at night afterward.

If Trump were to win, I’m not too concerned that he would screw up our domestic economy because I don’t think he could pass anything.  I don’t think he could build Trump Wall even if Mexico did agree to pay for it.  The GOP is effectively a multi-party party, has been really since the ’90s, and Trump doesn’t control a large enough faction.  Trump is hardly the first wealthy politician.  The reason rich politicians don’t self-fund their campaigns is that they need factions to buy-in and feel ownership.  A politician has to yield some control in order to lead.  Unless Trump plans to fund a super Pac to continue funding Congressional politicians while he is President, he’ll never have support.  No President is an island.

So I won’t move to Canada if Trump is elected.  I might short the market.  I am concerned, that like demagogues before him, he’ll turn to foreign forays after becoming frustrated with his domestic failures.  Like when Argentina’s General Galtieri attacked the Falklands after just four months in office.  There are many better known historical examples.  But then, I don’t expect the imploding GOP to nominate Trump if he shows up to the Convention with less than a majority of delegates.  If they do, Congress will likely impeach him before he even takes office.

That leaves the remaining candidates.  I could accept any of them.  Now.  I know I railed against Cruz in a 2015 blog.  With good reason.  Ted Cruz is the Anti Christ.  But he’s also the only candidate to state intentions for dealing with H-1B visas as part of his immigration reform.  He seems to understand that America needs to worry more about protecting high-skilled jobs over low-skilled jobs.  You might not feel that way if you’re washing dishes at a restaurant, but H-1B reform would help me personally.

Not sure how I will vote.  Anyone but Trump.  I don’t even know what party I’ll vote for so I’m impressionable – if you think you can influence me.  I don’t mind talking politics.  I was a poli-sci undergrad.  Leave comments.  I’ve never censored this blog for any comments other than advertising.  I won’t be able to watch tonight’s debate because I have a school play to attend.  I did see Romney’s anti-Trump speech already.  I liked it.  Any comments on that?